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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

10:35 PM ;

This is the poster that Angie and I did for our WSS today!
It's to teach children from 7 to 12 yrs old on H1n1 prevention(:

Well, nothing much to comment on, just that its getting busier as the term starts..

Friday, December 25, 2009

10:11 AM ;

Just disappeared for 3D 2N for this Worldskills Peak Performance Camp @ NP.
Initially thought that it would be boring as we're going to be with other faculty like ICT and SOE, but I was wrong! we had been great friends and campers :D
Really loved the camp run by Adam Khoo Learning Technologies! (:

I had learnt alot of things in life, and motivation to keep on going for the Worldskills Competition.
Initially there has been some problems in life that I'm facing, but through this camp, I've sorted out my thinking. I should love and respect myself for who I am, and not losing myself in the process.
Worldskills Competition wise, I had found the motivation in myself. I had only wanted to go into the Qualifying Rounds, but learning now not to dissapoint my lovely partner Angie, and myself, my goals now is to at least chiong to Nationals! (:

Day 2, they really make us feel so sad like free. We all cried so so many times that day!
There's this programme that they told all of us to write our personal goal and Worldskills goal, and to raise our hands and really look at the goal. There will be people coming around to encourage us and people coming around to demoralise us. There had been much tears all around us, as we are tired physically by raising our hands, and sad emotionally for the goals that we all must achieve and our self problems that we're facing. I had so many break-downs that time, people encouraging me also cry, people demoralise me I cry even more.
In the end all of us tolerate for an hour! It has been amazing on how our willpower can last us so long, despite the physical pain that we had.

Of course, the happy things are that I had known some friends from other faculty and they are fun! (: and we slept at the Loft at night! (: The Loft is such a nice place to stay! Just that they don't have TV, that's all!

Alrighty! Shall not talk more, because I know that some of you may not understand what crap I'm talking about, only those who went to the camp with me will know what it is really about!
Just have to say it really change my view of life, and competition (:

"Who I am makes a difference"

Monday, December 14, 2009

10:07 PM ;

Yea! went out with Panda Darling to Ikea to crap out last saturday! :D

It was fun playing at Ikea! XD

So first! We saw this cat food container and immediately thought of our cat, Clumsy.
Well, we both miss him, esp. dear.. Hope he's doing well at the other side!

And P.S.: I wouldn't write much, just see photos bah! (:

In memory of our Clumsy! ):

So we continued our journey and....

See! he's giving dirty looks again -_-

it's still upside-down no matter how we tilt the photos XD

Random photo from him?

From this.......

To this!



Hungry hungry!!

Saw a box of cotton bud and said: "Did you dig your ears?"

Face kena covered -_-

So you can actually imagine how embarrasing it was to take all these photos with so many people in a Ikea on Saturday, but we still enjoyed being so so crazy though! :D
So we ended our journey with a metal tin box, meat balls, 2 hotdog buns(with loads of mustard!!!), 1 curry puff and 1 cup of drink! :D

5:38 PM ;

I failed my NS4, and got lower grade for NSL as expected. )':

But well, I guess I have to accept it and move on! Take retest bah! I'm not scared of you!!!!! HAHAHA!! XD

Sunday, December 13, 2009

12:33 PM ;

Will you treasure me?
Will our friendship last?

Sunday, December 06, 2009

10:33 PM ;

Just feel like posting these photos.. :D

Piggy is bathing~ (:

Tomorrow is start of attachment again~ at KKH, think it should be enjoyable bah!! (:

Sunday, November 29, 2009

5:54 PM ;

Haha! There was 2 small birthday celebration yesterday and today for my upcoming birthday! (:
Yesterday was out with Jeanice, Shaun, Michael, WaiKin to coffeeshop to eat crabs!
Still crazy and chatty with the gang(:
The best thing is me and Shaun does not need to pay a single cent on the meal! :D birthday treat mah.....
So next time will be Jeanice's on March 2010.

Haha! The chinese tea was Mic.'s.. Can't blame a old man for drinking tea right? XD


Drink some more and you two will have BEER BELLY CRISIS!

See? So little BIGG planet and well-trained??

Round 2 was today! Saw and Ling was at my block downstairs celebrating for me for a short while(:
Glad that they still remembered my birthday.. (:

I look so retard. XD

My first birthday and Christmas cake. They said its killing two birds with one stone!

Their present for me and Dear(:

Thanks all! (:


Sylvia Tan / 陈莉彬
02 Dec. 1991
NP Year2, School of Health Sciences.
I'm a Student Nurse! (:
SJAB, CorpSO Grade 6.



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